Mars moves into Gemini – it is good to beware of manipulations

Mars moves into Gemini – it is good to beware of manipulations
Mars moves into Gemini – it is good to beware of manipulations

On August 21, fiery Mars moves into the talkative sign Gemini While Mars was in Taurus, it was as if everything was slightly slowed down, we ourselves conserved our energy more. Mars is the planet of fire and action. This is what drives us and pushes us forward. This is our will and energy.

On the other hand, Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury. It means that now we will be more sharing, communicative, we can become more passionate, direct.

Mars transiting Gemini can help us expand our hobbies and interests as we are willing to try new things or experiment with new technologies.

It's good to know that the transit of Mars in a zodiac sign ruled by Mercury can get us back on our feet.Mercury can be a little deceptive, so it would be best to prepare yourself for either charm or cunning in the way people communicate. In short, it is important to guard against manipulation.

Also, Mars will remain in Gemini for an unusually long time until March 25, 2023. It is especially important to pay close attention to any significant and even seemingly insignificant conversations we have, events that occur, people we meet or messages we receive, as they are very likely to resurface and be presented as main storylines.


Mars in Gemini tends to interfere in other people's private lives and take over friendships. Gemini is a fickle but flirtatious and mostly frivolous sign, always rushing from one interest to another and always able to see both sides of any story.

Since Mars is the planet of action and initiative, we are likely to be even more restless than normal during this transit and it can be difficult to find enough concentration to complete anything.

But this transit can be useful to us if we are starting some kind of training, retraining, as Mars will help us to be more determined and persistent.

In astrology, Mars manifests with a lot of passion, but also with a lot of anger. Our desire to communicate can appear quite suddenly. There isn't much tact here, and we definitely tend to speak quickly and rashly.

In general, the transit of Mars in Gemini has great potential. Its biggest challenge is that we must avoid spreading our energy too widely, doing several things at once is not a good idea.

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