Tarot card for April 21

Tarot card for April 21
Tarot card for April 21

Card of the Day – Pair of Pentacles is a card for balancing energy and resources, weighing the pros and cons, and making decisions about everyday life. Today, you may find yourself juggling several things at once. There are days like that, you can't do everything at once, and you'll have to decide which of all the things to prioritize and give attention to. Write a to-do list now, it will make things easier!

Tip of the Day – Four of Cups – an opportunity may present itself that you are unsure about – perhaps you are afraid to commit to something or someone, considering this suggestion like a trap. But remember that you need to justify your fears and talk openly about your vulnerabilities, so the situation will become clearer to you and your decision adequate.If you think you missed something, remember that regret will only perpetuate your sense of loss; what's done is done and it's time to make the best of your current circumstances.

At work: You may be offered new projects and ventures, a new position, which you accept with skepticism and uncertainty. Take your time, take your time and try to think about the activities that really motivate and spark you. That way you will make the best decision for you.

For lovers and family: Today is a day to seek harmony. You may feel offended by your partner. If it's not something really serious, don't be angry for too long, instead remind yourself of the love that is in your life and the good it brings.

Author: Veneta Evtimova

Veneta Evtimova is a yoga instructor and is keenly interested in the human body and soul, in the motives that inspire us, in the limits we set for ourselves and the peaks we can conquer.

For himself, he discovers that the picture world of Tarot is an exciting way to enter the depths of the soul and begins to study the symbolism of the cards and ways of working with them. Tarot cards capture the contrasts - good and bad, triumphs and downfalls, and seem to reflect all the cycles of human life, as well as man's innermost desires.

Veneta will draw a combination of cards for each day and read what the energy of the day is and what advice the Tarot cards give us.

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