What is the golden rule of the 3 things?

What is the golden rule of the 3 things?
What is the golden rule of the 3 things?

Each of us at a certain stage of our life path tries to find the meaning of life, to find our calling, place under the sun.

Philosophical ideas about the structure of the universe and religion provide answers to these questions of ours. Don't we create the problems that happen to us instead of enjoying life and making the most of it?

A wise man said: "There are three things in the world on which our life is built."

The number 3 has a magical property and is considered the key in all religions of the world. People who know this rule discover the secret of the universe and direct their thoughts in the right direction.

3 things that won't come back: the words said, the opportunity, the time.

3 things you don't have to lose: honor, peace, hope.

3 things most valuable in life: trust, conviction, love.

3 things that are unreliable: luck, power, we alth.

3 things that define every person: achievements, honesty, work.

3 things that destroy people: anger, wine, pride.

3 hardest things to say: help, forgive, love you.

These lines will help you understand the meaning of existence. Follow these rules and enjoy the precious moments.

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