The forecasts of astrologer Petya Georgieva for the new year 2017

The forecasts of astrologer Petya Georgieva for the new year 2017
The forecasts of astrologer Petya Georgieva for the new year 2017

Petya Georgieva is an astrologer and has been preparing for years. He is an economist by education and profession, but already in the 2nd year he became passionate about astrology and the peculiarities of the zodiac signs. But since this is happening during the time of socialism, her access to serious literature is almost impossible.

Over time, with the advent of democracy and wide access to the Internet, Petya managed to undergo appropriate training, which helped him to systematize the knowledge he had accumulated so far.

At the moment, she is engaged in astrological predictions, and as she herself shares, she does this with even greater interest than before.

We turned to Petya with a request to answer our questions about what awaits us in the new year 2017 and what the stars tell us about the year of the Rooster, according to the Chinese horoscope

What is your astrological prediction for 2017?


Let's see what the vibration of 2017 is according to numerology.

The sum of the numbers is 10, which means that the vibration of the year is 1, and it is the personification of the beginning, of independence, of personal involvement and independent action.

In other words, in 2017 we will be able to develop our personal potential and our progress will depend primarily on the ability to act actively and make the most of circumstances, even difficulties.

Then let's analyze each figure of the year separately, namely:

2 – sensitivity, harmony and care. A trend that will continue throughout the period in which the years begin with the number 2, because it is associated with the Moon. A millennium in which people will support each other and seek peace.

0 – conscious decisions of collective thinking. Zero is a deep, invisible force, a hidden energy. It suggests the presence of potential or a reasonable desire for change.

1 – repeated, we associate it with Mars. Affirms the power and unity of the universe. In a positive aspect, we associate it with human ambition, and in a negative aspect - with human aggression. Which should tell us that we will witness both.

7 – we associate it with Neptune, who personifies spiritual growth. It symbolizes a whole work cycle – the week, nature, the planetarium, the rhythm of life… On the 7th day, he rests, contemplate, analyze. In other words, we should not make hasty decisions.

For which zodiac signs is she likely to be more successful professionally and personally?

Jupiter is the planet of prosperity. Until October 2017, Jupiter will be in the sign of Libra. People whose Sun or Ascendant is in this sign will have an easier time. Note, I am not saying that the year will be more successful, but that they will simply have less difficulty.

In general, success or good results will depend, as with the representatives of the other signs, on the conscious active actions of each individual. After that, Jupiter will enter the sign of Scorpio and "shoulder" people with Sun or Ascendant in that sign.


Does everything in our life depend on the date, year and place of birth?

No! The time of birth is of great importance. By the hour we determine the Ascendant. From there we can build the cosmogram as a whole and see our own potential. So far things are 50:50. So, as stated in the question "everything in life" depends on our own decisions and initiative.

How important is the role of the Ascendant and is it true that it begins to influence a person after the age of 28?

It is very important. This is our second SELF The influence of the Sun Sign and the Ascendant is equal.It is not true that it begins to affect after the age of 28, it affects all our lives, but it is apparently felt in each person at a different point in their growth. The age at which the influence of the Ascendant will be felt or strengthened in each of us depends on the degrees at which it is located in the cosmogram.

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