How to get the best out of green leafy vegetables?

How to get the best out of green leafy vegetables?
How to get the best out of green leafy vegetables?

Leafy vegetables are one of the he althiest foods. These wonderful vegetables in all their variety contain useful substances that improve the he alth of the body, give energy, saturate and regulate the work of individual organs and systems.

Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, calcium, magnesium, iron and much more. The whole palette of beneficial nutrients is useful in the prevention of he alth, as well as against many diseases, including cancer.

How do we know if a leafy vegetable is fresh and fresh when we buy it from the store and how best to store these he althy products?

Green leafy vegetables should really be green

It is important to make sure of their greenness in the store. Look carefully at green vegetables before you buy them, because even the slightest sign of browning indicates the presence of a rotting process that has already begun.

Therefore, not only is freshness no longer a fact, but also the useful substances are no longer fresh, on the contrary, they have started to change.

If green leafy vegetables are wilting in your home, make sure you remove absolutely all yellow leaves. When you buy fresh salad greens from the store or market, make sure that they are whole as much as possible on one head, and not individual leaves that have fallen apart.


It is important that their leaves squeak

The crunch of green leafy vegetables is a sign of freshness. When fresh, their leaves squeak when lightly rubbed. By this you will know if the vegetable you have chosen is fresh and fresh.

Watch out for insects and bugs

There are often insects and bugs in leafy vegetables that many people don't pay attention to. However, they can not only damage the integrity of the product, but also infect it with various disease-causing microorganisms by laying their larvae between the leaves of the vegetable.

If you do find insects in the vegetable, make sure to tear off the affected leaves and then very thoroughly rinse the product leaf by leaf.

Take them out of stress

Like any living creation of nature, plants also experience stress and shock after their integrity is violated. To refresh them again before consumption, soak the leafy greens in water. It's best to soak them under running water in the sink for a few minutes to relieve the stress of tearing them off and standing in the store.

This will allow them to regain some of the lost water and prolong their lives by maintaining the levels of he althy substances in them.

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