Tick boom - how to protect yourself

Tick boom - how to protect yourself
Tick boom - how to protect yourself

"Since the beginning of the year, there have been about 60 cases of Lyme disease in our country," said Prof. Atanas Mangarov from the Infectious Disease Hospital in the studio of "Bulgaria Morning".

According to him, about 20-30% of ticks are infected with the causative agent of Lyme disease, and usually when a tick is removed from the body, part of it remains under the skin.

“Tick research is pointless. It is necessary to wait at least 4 weeks and examine the insect bite itself," he pointed out.

In a small percentage of cases, there is redness on the skin around the bite site if Lyme disease is present, but sometimes there are no symptoms, the doctor explained. He advised parents not to let their children play in places where there are animals carrying parasites - cats, dogs.

Previously, the father of the child on whom doctors from Lozenets Hospital found more than 50 ticks said that over the weekend his son was playing in the bushes in South Park when he probably got into a tick nest.

“We found out what happened on Tuesday. Initially, 15 ticks were removed in the hospital, again - more than 30, we visited the hospital for the third time. It's about very small ticks that are hard to notice," he said.

He said he and his family did not notice a sign with information about spraying against ticks.

“The child is fine. He is taking antibiotics on the advice of our personal doctor. We think that the municipality should think about how the risk can be reduced," Petkov pointed out.

Two treatments against ticks are planned in the city parks and gardens in Sofia, the Sofia Municipality announced. They are carried out on mowed lawns and dry weather for at least one day.

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