Linaria - how to grow it

Linaria - how to grow it
Linaria - how to grow it

Linaria, also called pipe or chimney, is a wonderful flower that grows very well in our country. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. Linaria has a very strong and pleasant aroma. It does not reach more than 1 meter in height. Its leaves are bright green, and the colors are the most diverse - purple, pink, red, blue, yellow, white. Flowering begins in early spring and continues until the end of summer.


Location and Light

Linaria needs a lot of light. However, it also grows well in partial shade. You can plant it in a pot and grow it on an east, west or south ledge.And you can sow it directly in the garden in a well-lit place. If there is more light, the linaria blooms profusely and continuously.


The pipe does not tolerate waterlogged soils. Its root system rots if too much water is retained. It is watered regularly, but moderately. Prefers drought rather than moisture. You can easily water it every other day or when the soil is slightly dry on the surface.



Linaria likes light soils, well drained and enriched with humus and mineral substances.


This plant is cold resistant. In summer it prefers moderate temperatures.


Since it is an annual, Linaria is propagated by seeds. They are sown in January or March. Young plants sprout at temperatures of around 20-22 degrees.It is necessary to ensure high air humidity. After sprouting in about a month, they are transplanted into large pots.

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