The most common dishwasher problems

The most common dishwasher problems
The most common dishwasher problems

Modern machines that help us in the household are definitely an irreplaceable tool to ease work at home. Those of you with dishwashers know how much easier life is when instead of scrubbing plate after plate of dried food and grease, you just push the button!

But there are also a number of problems that arise when working with the technique. And this is inevitable! How to deal with them? Here are the answers

When you open the door, there is water at the bottom! Is this normal?

You may have a blocked sewer pipe. That's why it's a good idea to have a plumber visit you. Empty the machine, remove the filter and make sure it is not clogged.Common culprits for clogs are small meat bones, broken glass cups, and broken glass is invisible in the water, making it impossible to spot.

The dishes come out of the dishwasher dirty

The nozzles from which the water comes out are probably clogged. Turn off the power to the machine and empty it. Check for any small holes that may be clogged. If necessary, clean them with a toothpick. If there are blockages, the water will not be able to heat well, and this contributes to the difficult removal of grease from dishes.

The glasses come out of the machine steamy

Soak them in vinegar for about 5 minutes. If after they dry the cloudiness disappears, it means you probably have hard water. It causes scale deposits not only on the dishes, but also on the machine elements of the dishwasher, which shortens its life. Use water softeners. When washing glassware, make sure it is not set at a very high temperature.

The dishwasher smells burnt! What to do?

One of the heaters may have burned out or moved to touch a plastic element. Call a technician ASAP!

How to protect flower pots?

Most often, hard water is the cause of spoiling the colors and ornaments on dishes. Rinse well! If necessary, run an additional rinse cycle and use a water softener from time to time.

It is constantly flowing from the machine door! How to stop the leak?

Make sure there is no pot or utensil stuck somewhere on the door chutes. Also inspect the seals for delaminations or pullouts that may prevent the door from closing.

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