How to get cleaner dishes out of the dishwasher?

How to get cleaner dishes out of the dishwasher?
How to get cleaner dishes out of the dishwasher?

Using the dishwasher is a real relief for many housewives. Washing dishes is a loathed task for many women. The skin on the hands becomes rough and cracked. It takes time, and we can do so many other things instead of washing the pesky cups and plates.

And the most unpleasant thing is that there are always dirty dishes in the sink, even if it is only a fork or a glass! How many times have you seen your sink completely empty and perfectly shiny?

That's why the dishwasher comes to the rescue. But if we don't use it properly, working with it can be doubled. If used incorrectly, the dishes come out of the dishwasher dirty, with dried food or stained.


Here are a few that help with optimal use of the dishwasher:

First of all consider the arrangement

In order for them to be washed well, and to collect the maximum amount of dishes in the dishwasher in one cycle, you must first consider what you will put where. It is best to arrange the largest vessels first, then the medium ones, and finally around all the others to place the smallest ones.

This will make it easier for you to figure out how to arrange all the dishes, starting with the biggest ones. All the others can be arranged like Tetris around the already placed "pieces".

Don't place the dishes in one direction

This is the most common mistake that housewives make when putting dishes in the dishwasher. This limits the power of the water jet passing between the dirty dishes.

Instead, place the plates with their backs to each other. In this way, the passage of the water jet will be much easier and stronger. Warm water and detergent will do their job much better and on the front, used side.

Sort utensils

To ensure that all dishes are washed well, separate them by type. That way it will be easiest for every corner of them to be passed by the water jet.


In the cutlery basket, sort the forks, spoons and knives into separate sections. Be sure to place them with the blades facing up. So the water passes easily through them without any impurities remaining.

Rinse the dishes well before putting them in the dishwasher

If you want your dishes to come out of the dishwasher clean, rinse them first. It is important to remove dried food residue that would potentially remain even after washing.

In addition, this way you will protect the dishwasher from clogging and spoiling.

Run the dishwasher at night

To save time and money, run the dishes overnight. The tariff is then lower and this will help you reduce your consumption and bills.

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