How to grow a dwarf pineapple?

How to grow a dwarf pineapple?
How to grow a dwarf pineapple?

Have you heard of dwarf pineapple? If you haven't, we'll introduce you to it now.

It is a wonderful houseplant to decorate your windowsill with! In fact, most pineapple varieties are suitable for growing indoors, but only while they are small plants. Dwarf pineapple can be grown all the time at home without any problems.



In the room, the temperature should not exceed 20 degrees in summer, and in winter - 15 degrees is the absolute minimum. Otherwise, the plant may die. The dwarf pineapple does not particularly like large temperature amplitudes, so try to provide it with constant degrees.


This decorative plant likes well-fertilized soil, so you need to mix equal parts of peat, sand, ordinary soil and manure. The toe should be loose so that it can drain well. Do not under any circumstances stuff it.

Fertilize every 2 weeks.


This type of pineapple should not be overwatered because it rots. Even less water is needed during the flowering period. Water is poured only into the pan of the pot, not into the soil. It is good to spray the leaves with a spray because pineapple loves moisture.



Dwarf pineapple loves light, but not all day. Choose a place in the home where it will receive direct light for about 4 hours and then be in dappled shade. It is also important that the room is well ventilated, because the handsome man needs fresh air.


If you want to plant your dwarf pineapple, you have to wait until the main rosette falls off. After the plant has overbloomed, the large rosette dries up. This is the time to take some of the root branches that separate from the main stem and plant in a new pot.

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