Epsom s alt - unexpected uses in the home and garden

Epsom s alt - unexpected uses in the home and garden
Epsom s alt - unexpected uses in the home and garden

When it is mentioned, most of us make an association with a relaxing bath or think of its relaxing effect. But Epsom s alt, or Epsom s alt as it is called after the name of the English town of Epsom, where it comes from, has many more uses that you probably didn't know about!

Epsom s alt is actually magnesium sulfate, extremely beneficial for the skin and used for years in mineral healing baths, various spa treatments to relieve various pains.

But what else is epsom s alt used for?


Epsom s alt is a great element for fertilizing soils for various plants, especially rose bushes. Especially during the blooming season, when you want your favorite flowers to bloom longer, add some Epsom s alt to the soil and you will notice the effect.

Hair Healing

Mix one cup of lemon juice, one cup of Epsom s alt and one liter of warm water. Stir well to combine the ingredients and dissolve the s alt. Let it stand for a day. The mixture is very suitable for application after shampoo or for rinsing. Refreshes, strengthens and slightly lightens the hair.

Cleaning tiles

Epsom s alt is also a good helper in cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. You can use it to scrub tiles, showers, shower cabins, sinks - everything will shine like new! This s alt is suitable for removing soap scum and scale.

For pest control

If you have pests - ants, fleas, spiders, as well as any other garden "invaders", Epsom s alt comes to the rescue. Dissolved in water, you can use it as a spray to spray plants in the home and garden. It is harmless to them, and insects run away from the saline solution.

Quick Bruise Treatment

Compresses with Epsom s alt help to remove bruises and bruises faster. S alt increases the osmotic pressure and removes the accumulated excess fluid in the cells. Thus the healing processes proceed faster.

Soothes itching and sunburn

Again, a compress with Epsom s alt dissolved in water is a useful remedy against itching and burning. This is because of the soothing effect of Epsom s alt. It can also be used for insect bites.

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