How to grow avocados at home?

How to grow avocados at home?
How to grow avocados at home?

Avocado is tasty and he althy, but relatively expensive. Not every household can afford to buy it often. Planting and growing it from seed is a great way to enjoy more greenery at home, as well as the beneficial qualities of this superb fruit.

How to grow an avocado?

Choose a well-ripened avocado. Separate its core, turn it into a delicious dish, and keep the nut.

Clean the pit well. From here on there are two options to make it sprout.

First Option

Place the nut halfway into moist soil with the pointed side up.It is important that the tip of the nut is out of the soil because the new plant will sprout from it. It is good that the soil is loose and with very good drainage so that it does not rot. Place the pot in a well-lit place protected from drafts. It is watered regularly, but moderately without waterlogging.


Do not let the soil dry out. It should always be slightly wet. After about 3 months, a shoot should sprout.

The avocado plant grows quite fast and when it reaches 10-15 cm it is good to transplant. It is placed again in a lighted and warm place. It is recommended that the air humidity is higher.

During the warm months it can be taken outdoors, but in autumn it is indoors, as it does not tolerate temperatures lower than 10-15 degrees. It should not be placed near heating appliances.

Second Option

After cleaning the avocado pit well, take three toothpicks and stick them right in the middle of the pit. Make sure they are evenly spaced. Do not drive the pegs too far in. It is enough to insert them half a centimeter.


Fill a glass with water. Place the "structure" with the nut so that it is slightly submerged in the water.

Wait until the first sprouts sprout. Place the cup in a warm and well-lit place. Change the water every week.

After a few weeks, the nut will split on its own and roots will begin to appear from it, and a stem will appear in its upper part. When it becomes about 10 cm high, it is time to plant it. It is important not to rush to plant before the leaves appear.

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