Nature's most fragrant perfumes

Nature's most fragrant perfumes
Nature's most fragrant perfumes

As in life, some flowers are only for looking. In appearance – charming, patterned, beautiful, charming, but when you bring your nose to its color – nothing! Others, quite frankly, don't look like anything… but they smell divine. Still others are endowed with both beauty and fragrance. Here are some of the most fragrant flowering plants that nature has given us:


Magnolia colors range from soft white to deep pink. They reach the size of two open palms. Magnolias most often bloom with the appearance of the first foliage in spring. When the weather warms up and a light breeze blows, their scent magically wafts around. The magnolia is a flower that is best enjoyed without plucking it.Its delicate petals darken very quickly and the flower loses its fragrance.


Lilac fortunately has a strong smell, and we can enjoy it even from a distance, because we can rarely approach the bush with impunity without disturbing the bees and wasps, which are no less attracted to it, than we are. We can find lilac in all shades of purple and pink, but white has the sweetest smell. Lilac can be a bush or resemble a kind of mini tree. This is probably the most bought and sold flower for March 8 in our country.


The beautiful flower, originating from far away Africa, is not distinguished either by its height or its size, but on the other hand, it can be found in almost any color and smells truly intoxicating.


Panilies are shy flowers, hiding among grasses and twigs in the shady places of the garden. Unfortunately, not every violet is worth bending over and smelling.However, the small pink-violet ones are the flowers that can make you not want to part with them. Pansies would last a while without their root in a vase, but, agree, there is no prettier flower than one that grows and feeds itself.

Scented peas

The colors of fragrant peas are the most diverse: deep red, white, pink, purple, purple, as well as combinations between them. You can't get bored of the smell of sweet peas, because it varies according to the color of the plant. This flower does not last long if it is plucked, but while it is still alive, it pleases both the eyes and the nose immensely.


Roses are known not only for their amazing characteristic fragrance, but also for their large, perfectly shaped, soft and delicate petals. Carrying the enormous weight of its symbolic meaning, roses are flowers that are given as a sign of love, passion. They can be found in a variety of colors: red, white, yellow, pink and even peach.

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