Lemon - growing at home

Lemon - growing at home
Lemon - growing at home

Lemon is a citrus that can be successfully grown at home. Only some specific care is needed for your lemon tree to grow well enough.

Location and Light


Lemon loves light, but if exposed to direct sunlight too soon, its leaves begin to die. Do not rush to take it out into the sun already in the spring. In this way, photosynthesis will stop abruptly and the plant will die.

In the warmest days, shading of the plant is necessary. It is very wrong to put the lemon outdoors. This affects him badly because the hot air from the concrete rises and further burns the petals and buds of the plant.

In September you can, because photosynthesis then continues, and the sun is not so strong and allows direct sunlight.



Lemon is watered moderately. The soil should not dry out, but it should not be waterlogged either. The water must also have been at room temperature. It is important that excess water does not collect in the saucer of the pot. If this happens, the water should be poured out.


The soil should be well enriched with mineral fertilizers. In the summer, it should be fertilized regularly every 2-3 weeks. During the active period, it is fertilized every week.



The temperature for the lemon should be moderate. In winter, it should not fall below 5-8 degrees.


Lemon is most easily propagated by cuttings and grafting. Propagation is done year-round by means of cuttings. Twigs that have started to harden at the base are cut. They take root in wet sand for about a month at a room temperature of about 20 degrees.

Propagation is also done by seeds. These and tough as they adapt to the conditions from the start.

Lemon fruits ripen in about 3 months.

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