How not to ruin the azalea?

How not to ruin the azalea?
How not to ruin the azalea?

Maybe they gave you an azalya for the eighth of March. This is undeniably a nice gift that those of us who didn't receive it can nobly envy. But just getting a beautiful flower is not enough - the important thing is to grow it and enjoy it for a long time.

Azaleas are truly a colorful jewel for every woman who loves beauty. These are low-stemmed crown plants, very kitsch and in very beautiful colors. Over 350 species are known.

In nature, free-growing are found mainly in India and China.

But in our country, azaleas should only be grown as indoor plants. Azalea loves light, but not direct. The soil of the azalea should always be slightly moist. The temperature of the air should not be too high and at the same time its humidity should also be high.

Drying is detrimental to the azalea. If you don't water it for a while and then decide to catch up, you won't get the expected result - the plant will recover.

The azalea is very tender and when it dries out, not only the flowers but also the leaves fall off. In order not to get to that point, once a week you can bathe the plant with a shower - not with hot water, of course. Or with a sprayer.

Another trick to ensure optimal conditions for this beautiful princess is to plant it in a clay pot, and the pot itself to be placed in a larger planter and the space between the two to be filled with moss thatmoisturize regularly.

Azalea should be fed regularly with fertilizers for flowering plants. Especially during growth.

After flowering, the branches are cut - they are shortened, the older, dried, weak ones are removed so that the plant can form again a nice green crown.

A problem you may have when growing azaleas is the thick aphids that settle on the underside of the leaves.They suck up sap and release droplets - a phenomenon known as 'honeydew'. If you do not take measures, they can ruin your plant and it will die. In addition to detergent, you can also treat them with a solution of alcohol and soap.

Another plague on this beautiful flower is roundworms, which can damage the roots of the plant and cause it to die. If you feel it in time, you should take it out of the pot, cut the roots, wash them well and transplant it into completely new soil and a new pot. Throw the old one away.

When in a dormant period, then the azalea should be kept in a cooler and darker place in the closet or basement.

Azalea is propagated, by means of cuttings, which must be placed in a primer, under glass and under a dark cloth. This lasts for several months and should be discovered for about an hour each day. In a word, quite a hobby, which is almost impossible for working women. On top of everything at home, this activity will take you at least 3 years to root and grow a new plant.So it's best to buy an azalea and be careful to grow it properly.

According to the language of flowers azalea means "restraint". It is believed to bring good luck and makes it easier for its owners to go through all kinds of trials, so it is an excellent gift because we all face trials of one kind or another and each of us needs a little more courage

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