Which flowers to plant and transplant in March?

Which flowers to plant and transplant in March?
Which flowers to plant and transplant in March?

Most likely, lovers of flowers and gardens have long been dreaming of the warm March sun and have already made plans for what they will renew in the indoor improvised gardens or in the yard.

What mandatory care should we take for our flowers in spring

First we need to transplant into new soil all the plants that need it. We need to be familiar with the specific type of plant we are looking at to know what more specific care we need to take.

The general principle is that young plants should be transplanted every spring, and older ones once every few years. It is good to feed the plants in the spring, and what better way than to give them new soil full of beneficial minerals.

It is too early to take out potted plants to balconies and gardens – it is enough just to change the soil if necessary or to fertilize them.

Flowers and herbs in boxes. In March, you can plant violets or other annual plants, as well as sow spices in boxes on the balcony.

The real care begins for garden flowers in the spring.

The flowers in the basement – we should not forget the dormant plants. It's time to start waking them up and getting them out of the basements or wherever we put them to sleep for the winter.

Annual plants sown by seed

If you have already decided where to plant flower tufts or flower borders of annuals, now is the time to do it. Sow seeds to reap flowers.


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Bulb Flowers

In March you can also start planting the bulbous flowers. If you have bought new tulips or daffodils, you can look for a place for them in the garden. The rule is to pull out the bulbs every fall and replant them every spring.


However, I don't know if this also applies to tuberous flowers like dahlias. We have never risked letting them overwinter in the garden, but the probability of them freezing is more than great.

Perennial Shrubs

Perennial shrubs need to be fed and if you wish to plant more, early spring is a good time for this activity.


Rose lovers can also plant some new kind of rose in the garden.

Isn't it nice that the sun shines and makes us smile too? No matter how small a garden we have, it reminds us that we can go outside and plant new life to enjoy.

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