Is the dishwasher a fad?

Is the dishwasher a fad?
Is the dishwasher a fad?

Lately I've been thinking about a washing machine as a fad or a necessity, and I'm more and more convinced that it would be wonderful to have such a helper at home.

Modern people have modern appliances that make their lives easier and save time. According to experts, it is much more economical than ordinary dishwashing because:

Save much more water – In ordinary dishwashing, people usually put much more effort than necessary and use much more water. We soap, wash, and all this time water is running. Especially in Bulgarian kitchens, where there is only one sink - it is at least inconvenient to constantly stop and start the water, even more so, if you soap them, there is nowhere to put them, except to finish the washing process to the end and arrange them on the dryer.

Save time – While the machine is running you can do whatever you want. People who value their time would definitely choose more such type of appliances.

The disadvantages are that the dishwasher itself costs money, its maintenance also costs money, and so do the consumables. And of course it takes up space.

If we don't have enough finances, it's better not to go into loans because of a dishwasher and wash by hand. And to use gloves and hand cream. We won't have a perfect manicure, but that's our problem.

If we have a small kitchen – maybe the first stage we need to go through is to get more space and then think about more electrical appliances.

If we live in a place where sometimes there is electricity, sometimes there is no - due to the redevelopment of the area, for example, a large part of the amenities of civilization are available, but cannot be used. Even if you have all kinds of electrical appliances and conveniences, when there is no electricity you have to go back years, years - washing by hand, washing dishes in a bucket.And then it turns out to be an advantage to have a well instead of a dishwasher.

And the funniest thing is that you never know when your electricity will go out and for how long, so you can't estimate how long it will take for the washing machine to wash or the dishwasher to wash the dishes. In that case, maybe the old-fashioned way would be easier. Not to mention the pumping water stations that run on electricity - then you have both electricity and water

In a word, everyone must gather the pros and cons for themselves and decide whether there is an opportunity for this necessary modern luxury in the Bulgarian kitchen or not.

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