Soil preparation before spring planting

Soil preparation before spring planting
Soil preparation before spring planting

In autumn and winter, the garden soil loses some of its qualities. After harvesting last year's crop, the soil is depleted and needs time to recover. Not only the soil that produces fruits and vegetables is depleted. Flower plants also suck the benefits of the garden.

So with the arrival of spring it is time to prepare your garden again. What should you pay attention to?

Prepare your tools

that you handle and cultivate the garden with. See which ones need repair and which ones should be replaced with new ones. If necessary, add new ones to your set.

Cleaning the tools is also very important to avoid infecting your new plantings with any disease.


Prepare the soil

Before you feed the soil, you need to make it ready for planting. To do this, turn it over with a shovel. This will loosen the soil and enrich it with oxygen. Planting plants will be much easier and better.

Feed her

Once you've turned the soil and made it loose and ready to work, it's time to feed it. Plants from the previous season have extracted the minerals and nutrients from it, so fertilization is required before spring planting.

Feed your soil with fertilizers depending on the type of plants you will plant in your garden.

Make a plan

Think about exactly where you will plant your plants. Mentally divide the garden into sectors where you will plant the different crops. Depending on where you will plant the different plants, enrich the soil accordingly according to the plant's requirements.

The combination of different types of plantations is also important. can speed up or slow down their growth. Some combinations even work effectively


It is also good to think about the height of your plants. Mentally arrange the sectors so that some lower plants are not shaded and this prevents their development.

Continuous Support

Maintenance is important if you want your garden to repay you properly. Throughout the year, it is necessary to clean it of weeds and remaining annual tubers and bulbs. Their rotting in the ground prevents the planting of new plantations.

Late spring after you have already planted your plants is a good time to put down a nice layer of mulch to help nourish and protect against weeds.

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