How to properly store parsley to keep it fresh

How to properly store parsley to keep it fresh
How to properly store parsley to keep it fresh

Parsley is one of the most commonly used spices in our kitchen, as well as in a number of foreign ones. It is aromatic, tasty, with an extremely lively note. Gives a wonderful taste and aroma to dishes and salads, cold appetizers and drinks.

Parsley is a great substitute for cilantro. It goes very well with seafood and different types of fish in combination with fresh lemon. Can be used in place of basil in various pesto recipes.

All this is wonderful, but there is one problem – parsley is sold in large bundles, and we can rarely use the whole amount for one dish we prepare.

What to do with the remaining parsley? How to store it so that it stays fresh as long as possible?

This can happen even if it is frozen, but in the right way.

Clean the parsley

Rinse the parsley with clean water. Fill a bowl with water. Dip the parsley, leaf side up, into the bowl. Shake back and forth to make sure all dirt and soil particles fall off the parsley leaves.

Use a dry paper towel to dry the parsley thoroughly. Leave it on the kitchen paper until it absorbs, maybe press a little.

Separate the leaves from the stems carefully

Cut the parsley leaves, being careful not to cut from the stems, unless that's what you want of course. Some people like the even stronger flavor that parsley stems have.

Chop the leaves very finely, but without crushing them.

After making sure the parsley leaves are completely dry, put them in a plastic bag to put in the camera. The bag must be designed for freezing and equipped with a zipper.

This way you will preserve your fresh parsley for further use even after it is frozen. This will keep its taste as fresh as possible without spoiling the parsley.

The other option is to dry the parsley in the standard way, but its taste and aroma change.

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