Unsuspected uses of onions in the household

Unsuspected uses of onions in the household
Unsuspected uses of onions in the household

Onions, it turns out, aren't just for cooking! We all know what a wonderful flavor it gives to our meals and salads, but it is a wonderful helper at home too! It's amazing, and perhaps many people wouldn't think of using onions for anything other than cooking. But it surprisingly turns out to be useful in many other aspects!

Insect repellent

Onion repels insects from skin and clothes. Well, you'll smell a bit if you rub onions on your skin, but for a house party in the garden, it's a great option.

Soothes a sore throat

It is no coincidence that our grandmothers give us squeezed onion juice in tea - it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with colds.

Remove fevers

If you put an onion peel on the skin where the fever is stuck and leave it for 1-2 hours, you will be amazed how soft and "loose" the skin will become in that area. This helps to remove the fever more easily.

Metal Polishing

Raw onion (chopped) is combined with equal parts of water. Using a damp cloth, the mixture is applied as a polishing agent to various metal surfaces.

Soothing bee and other stinging insect bites

Rub a piece of onion on the injured area and you will see how effective it is in these cases. This is because it has a strong calming effect.

Cleaning the grill

Perhaps owners of a garden grill or barbecue know this trick, but for the rest of us - while the grill is heating up, rub it with a piece of onion. It helps to make it easier to clean.Then rub with a piece of butter or preferably bacon and you're ready to go! Put the steaks in!

Repels ants

If you have an ant problem in your kitchen, leave a few slices of raw onion on the floor near the ant hole. The scent will drive them away.

Prevents car windshield from freezing

If you have to travel in winter when the windows freeze very easily, just rub a piece of onion on the glass! It helps to both remove the ice and prevent it from reappearing in the morning.

Absorbs the smell of paint

If you have just painted the apartment or the house and the smell of paint is suffocating you, and you want to apply faster - salvation is in onions! It absorbs the strong smell of bland paint in just one night. Scatter more chopped onion around the painted room and close the doors.

Soothes burns

Contrary to expectations due to its spicy taste, onions are effective for burns - solar and thermal. It won't sting your injured spot, on the contrary! It will help put out the "fire" on the skin faster!

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