Is it dangerous to eat sprouted potatoes?

Is it dangerous to eat sprouted potatoes?
Is it dangerous to eat sprouted potatoes?

Potatoes are one of the most delicious and widely consumed vegetables in the whole world. Their durability is great, but nevertheless it often happens that we do not manage to use the entire amount and so the potatoes sprout, turn green and become covered with spots.

Is it safe to eat sprouted potatoes?

Sprouted potatoes, as a rule, are not harmless. Any signs of aging in potatoes, as in other vegetables, require their disposal. Whenever in doubt, better to throw away the potato than to take a chance. This is recommended because potato sprouts contain dangerously high levels of toxins unlike fresh potatoes.

All potatoes contain these toxins called solanine and hakonine. Because of these toxins, potatoes are not consumed fresh, but always after heat treatment. In fresh, edible potatoes, these toxins are at lower levels that are safe for the body. But when the germination process begins, the concentration of these toxins increases significantly.

If green spots and areas appear on the potatoes, this is also a sign of inedibility. The accumulation of chlorophyll is not dangerous in itself, but it is a clear sign that a germination process has begun.

After removing the potatoes, these processes of increasing toxins in them follow their natural course. If potatoes are exposed to direct sunlight, germination occurs much faster. Toxins are most concentrated in the sprouts and skin of the potato itself, as well as the underlying tissue.

What are the effects of these toxins?

As dangerous as these toxins in sprouted potatoes are, you still need to eat several servings of potatoes for their negative effects to manifest.They are diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, headache, fever and high fever. The symptoms manifest themselves to different degrees in different people. The amount of toxins taken in is also important.

If you still have sprouted potatoes, what to do with them?

Considering that the potatoes are not completely unusable and you want to cook them so as not to throw them away, you must peel them deeply so that no traces of the sprouts remain. You should boil or bake them at a higher temperature and for a longer time to reduce the effect of the toxins. Cut the tissue below the sprouts deeper.

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