Guzmania – the fire fairy

Guzmania – the fire fairy
Guzmania – the fire fairy

Guzmania is a beautiful and extremely interesting flower in delicate iridescent colors. They are not only attractive, but also decorate your home for almost half a year!

The homeland of this remarkable plant is Central America. That's why it grows extremely well in our country.

Its leaves are elongated, hard and resemble the shape of a sword. The color varies from yellow, through fiery orange to red.

How to grow guzmania at home?

Guzmania is a light-loving plant that also needs more moisture. It is good to be placed in a lighted place where it absorbs light for at least 18 hours a day. In order to maintain the humidity of the flower, in addition to watering, it is good to spray the leaves 2 times a day.

If you plant guzmania in your garden, it is good to choose a semi-shady and moist place. Be careful not to attract midges, mites or aphids. If this happens you should fix the problem immediately.


Although guzmania is a light-loving flower, it is not good to be placed in direct sunlight all day. Choose an east or west-facing window, but without the sun's rays falling directly on the guzmanias.


Guzmania likes moisture, but the soil should not be overwatered. In summer, watering is done from the crown of the plant. Water runs down the stem and nourishes the root system. It is scarce and therefore should not be watered directly into the soil. There are risks of fungus on the plant if the soil is kept too wet.

In winter, watering becomes less frequent at the base of the plant. It is enough to water every other day and not abundantly.


Guzmania is transplanted by cuttings taken after flowering. After flowering, the adult plant dies, but many shoots grow, which are transplanted, but can also be left as such.

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