Aster, Dimitrovche or Bogoroditchka - still lovely

Aster, Dimitrovche or Bogoroditchka - still lovely
Aster, Dimitrovche or Bogoroditchka - still lovely

Astra or as we call it in our country bogorodichka is a beautiful herbaceous plant with beautiful flowers. Her other name is dimitrovche.

Aster blooms at the end of summer until October. It is found in pink, purple, white, blue, yellow, red colors. They call it the virgin because the most abundant flowering of the aster is around the birth of the Virgin - September 8, or the so-called "Little Virgin".


The name of the plant comes from Greek, in which aster means "star". Indeed, the flowers of the dimitrovchet resemble shining stars.

Location and Light

Virginia grows in beautiful tufts that need direct sunlight. Does not like current. It is important to put it on a covenant.


Aster is watered abundantly, but care must be taken not to waterlog the soil, because the roots rot. In the summer months, it is imperative that the soil is always wet. In winter, watering is reduced, but not much.



The soil rich in humus is most suitable. The aster pot should be wide and not very shallow. During the active period, the virgin is fed every 3 weeks with mineral fertilizers for flowering plants.


Dimitrovcheto loves the moderate temperature. In winter, it hibernates very well even at lower temperatures. However, it is recommended that the degrees do not fall below 10.


Transplanting is done in March or April. The plant is placed in larger and more comfortable pots so that the tuft can grow freely.

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