3 ways to make your home smell great

3 ways to make your home smell great
3 ways to make your home smell great

Every home has its characteristic smell. Most of you have probably noticed this. Bad smells, however, easily invade the home in which we live. They are everywhere and it is difficult to neutralize them with just airing.

Instead of buying harmful fragrance aerosols that cause allergic reactions, see how you can scent your home naturally.

  • Lemon and Rosemary

Make your home smell enchantingly of fresh lemon and rosemary. To do this, fill a jar with water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and rosemary sprigs.Add liquid vanilla and cucumber slices. Place the jar in a convenient location so that it diffuses the aroma. You can also put wooden sticks in it, which will further emit the aroma.

  • Lilac

Who doesn't love the captivating scent of lilac in spring! To bring it into your home, make a homemade lilac air freshener. Mix water and vodka in a ratio of 1:1. Add 12 drops of lilac essential oil to the mixture. Pour it into a jar. Place 3-4 wooden sticks in it to spread the aroma.

  • Homemade filling for electric flavoring
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If you have an electric air freshener but it's out of refill, make your own. To do this, open the container. Pour in 1/3 essential oil of your choice. Top up the rest with water. Plug again with the factory plug. Shake well and plug in.

Photos and idea: mom4real

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