Venus enters Leo – the desire for love increases

Venus enters Leo – the desire for love increases
Venus enters Leo – the desire for love increases

Venus, the planet of love, money and beauty, has moved into the sign of Leo. While the planet was in Gemini, it intensified our need for flirting and a casual love affair. It then moved into Cancer, already making us crave a valued connection and comfort. On August 11, Venus enters Leo, and for the next three weeks we'll want to show up and show off for love.

When the planet is in this zodiac sign, love expands and becomes stronger. By nature, Leo is very glamorous and noticeable, our love life goes in this direction. We will now crave affection and attention from everyone, but especially from our partners or potential love interests.

We will also be a bit more demanding about our needs and Venus in Leo can raise our criteria for what we are looking for in a partner.This is all because of Leo, who always needs to be the best, so he has to have the best for himself. We can also be a bit picky about who gets the chance to bask in our love and attention.

Single representatives of the zodiac will pursue new love interests, and those who have a partner will immerse themselves in romance. Venus in Leo is for big and bold displays of affection, bringing fire to our romantic lives, say Western astrologers.


Now is the time to pay more attention to the romance in the relationship, to the deepening of the relationships. The efforts we will make will also be rewarded.

Over the next few weeks, Venus will connect with Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance. This will happen on August 18. Although love is the main character of this day, the transit is also good for bonding with friends, family and enjoying life in general.

On August 26, Venus will square Uranus in Taurus, which is said to bring surprises and unexpected developments in love and all relationships.

We'll have to be careful on August 28 when Venus in Leo opposes retrograde Saturn. This aspect will make us want to be alone and think about many things in our lives. Some relationships can be shaken. If we want to succeed in anything, not just love, we'll have to put in more effort, maybe even have the tough conversations to achieve our ultimate goal.

We should not forget that when Venus is in the sign of Leo, anything is possible. It is important to remember to love ourselves, take good care of ourselves, and not just give love to others. It's time to nurture our good ideas, because now we can achieve a lot in work, studies.

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