20 reasons we like cats so much

20 reasons we like cats so much
20 reasons we like cats so much

Do you have a pet? Maybe he is a kitten that delights, amazes and sometimes drives you crazy every day, but with each passing day you realize how important he is to you. Only cat owners know and can understand what it's like to live with such a pet.

We do thousands of funny, even stupid things out of love for cats. And if you often wonder what makes you love your Easter egg so much, here are some good explanations.

Cats purr and have wet noses.

They hate mornings just like you.

If they like someone, they make friends easily.

Cats are good listeners and will never yell at you.

They can eat the same thing every day without complaining.

They look very cute in clothes.

You can drool over them like a baby without feeling silly.

Cats would never shrink your TV remote. Instead, they'll settle in with you on the couch.

They always understand when you need a little extra cuddle.


They will love you unconditionally. Or at least while feeding them.

There's nothing better than a wet-nosed cat kiss to wake up to.

They are independent creatures and maybe we should learn to be like that in some ways.

Cats reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

They often start purring with affection before you even start stroking them.

You will never be judged for your mistakes.

You can share all your secrets in front of them and they will keep them.

They are great judges. If they don't like someone, they immediately show it and ignore it. Isn't this a hygiene of social relationships that we humans should also learn to observe?

When they don't want more kisses, they push us away with their soft and fluffy paw. But we're not mad at them.

You are always greeted at the door.

And finally, if the cat is sitting on the windowsill, it is a sign of a happy home.

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