15 things you don't have to do

15 things you don't have to do
15 things you don't have to do

How often do you do things because you have to, someone demands it from you, or because your guilt outweighs your desire for happiness? No, this is not about selfishness, it's about whether or not we owe. In the following lines, you will read 15 things you should not do.

You owe no one an explanation of your values ​​and priorities. When you want to say "No!" - do it. And again, know that your decision is the most important.

There will always be someone who will be curious about your relationships with friends, family, lovers. Whatever situations you find yourself in, you owe no explanation for your personal contacts.

Helping without asking anything in return is great. But you don't owe anyone a favor, especially when it will come at the expense of your personal happiness.

You are excited about the political situation, you are considering plans for a better future for yourself and your children. You think you deserve the best in life. And that's why you owe no one an explanation, especially those who would stop you from realizing your dreams.

You still don't have a serious partner by your side, nor plans for children, but you want to achieve success in your career. Great! For these choices of yours, which will probably also generate a lot of criticism, especially if you are over 30, you again owe no explanation.


no one's time, company and friendship, especially if you don't share common interests and values.

One lie begets a bunch of others. That's why you don't have to save the truth, just not to spoil your relationship with someone or to be liked.

Everyone has situations where they will be faced with the choice of whether to apologize or not. You don't have to apologize if you don't want to and especially if you are not to blame for the situation. You don't have to apologize when it's not your fault, but you do it to maintain a relationship with your loved one, for example.

Someone asks you out too insistently and you accept because you are too embarrassed to say no. You don't have to! You choose the company you like.

Whether to conclude or not, it is your decision. You don't owe anyone an explanation for your attitude to marriage, not even your parents, who dream of throwing you a lavish wedding. They should respect your decision and that of your significant other.

You are not required to have children. You don't want to take on such a big responsibility - don't. You don't owe an explanation for this choice either.

You don't have to say yes when you don't want to.

You don't have to continue being part of a relationship that doesn't bring you love and satisfaction.

You don't have to change just to please someone.

And last but not least, you don't have to be around people for whom negativity is a daily occurrence, even if they are your friends or relatives.

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