Three things that will make 2019 a better year

Three things that will make 2019 a better year
Three things that will make 2019 a better year

During the first days of the new year, we all start clean, with the ambition to have more successes and fulfill even more cherished desires. To make our plans come true, we make lists of goals, aspirations and changes we want to achieve so that the new year can be better than the old and even more successful.

January is the month when we should focus on ourselves and clarify what we want to happen to us. Here are three things to do to kick off the new year with full force.

Focus on the things you want to happen

Make a list or vision board of what you want to achieve. Whether it's a new job, a promotion, or a long-distance trip, every change and every desire begins with clearly identifying what you want and planning the small steps to achieve it.

If you want to go on an exotic vacation, start with where you want to go, check tickets and offers often, and plan your vacation adequately. If you want a new job or a promotion, focus on what you can enrich your knowledge - sign up for a course or an online class in a speci alty that interests you and you want to develop. When you have clear steps to the goal and the universe will help you achieve it.

Identify the things you want to change

A new year is always a good start to improve your self - be it physical or mental. Therefore, it is good to identify what you want to change so that you can achieve it by the end of the year. If you want to stop eating meat, you may find interesting recipes or restaurants that are vegetarian.


If you want to quit smoking but can't, you can switch to the less risky smokeless alternative like the IQOS heating system.If you want to get in better shape, you can always try a personal trainer or find a class you enjoy, whether it's tabata, yoga or pilates.

Appreciate what you are grateful for

Once you've identified what you want to change and what you want to happen to you, it's important to make a list of everything you're grateful for. The things that we all take for granted, but actually fill our lives with happiness and love - having a loving partner, being he althy, having a good job, or even seeing friends in the evening after work, that make you laugh.

It's the little things in life that make it colorful and happy, and we should take the time to be grateful for having them.

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