The cards advise you what to change to be happy

The cards advise you what to change to be happy
The cards advise you what to change to be happy

If you think about your life, you will surely remember that there are events that make you smile, those that make you sad, and maybe negative thoughts prevent the universe from bringing you positive emotions. When we feel confused, we need advice. There are three cards in front of you. Pick one and see what's behind it.

Map 1

The card shows that you are a person who copes well with life's challenges, but who often thinks about past events, losses, sorrows. The moment is right for emotional transformation. Let the emotional burden of the past go now.

Here's your mantra for happiness:

My heart is open and free from past suffering. What doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I'm ready for more love now.

Map 2

You are probably experiencing a “rebirth” process. You may have been unsure of yourself lately, feeling confused without plans. But this not-so-good period in your life will soon pass.

Your self-esteem will increase. Enjoy life, think positive, indulge in your interests, hobbies, friends.

Your mantra: I love my life and am grateful for the good things that happen to me.

Map 3

This card shows that it is time to believe in yourself and that you deserve the good things that happen to you. Stop comparing yourself to others, not only in terms of opportunities, successes, but also in your personal life.

Only when you accept that you have strong qualities, that you should make an effort to improve yourself, will you dispel the doubts that often get in the way of your plans. Let joy and confidence guide you in the right direction.

Your mantra: I am capable, I know what I want to achieve, I will work hard every day to get better and make my dreams come true.

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