Fresh flower tricks at home

Fresh flower tricks at home
Fresh flower tricks at home

The home always becomes more beautiful with the help of flowers. Flower bouquets decorate the premises, make them more fragrant, fresh and spacious. The mood that flowers give to a home cannot be compared to anything else.

How to arrange and how to make them stay fresh longer?


Cut the flower stems properly

It is important to cut the flower stems at a 45 degree angle. Thus, the nutrients and oxygen from the water will be absorbed more easily, and the channels of the conduction system of the stem will not be blocked, resting firmly on the bottom of the vase.

Use a teacup instead of a vase

The little bouquets are very cute. You can catch the stems of the flowers with a thick cotton tie, having trimmed them in advance.

The tying will help you change the water on the, and the short stems help the water reach the color more easily. So it stays fresh for longer.


Make pimples dissolve fast

This is done by first immersing them in warm water for a while and then moving them to cold water. Next is trimming the stem in the standard way. Then submerge the flowers in ice cold water again for about 20 minutes. Finally, transfer them to room temperature water. The buds will bloom very soon.

Make colors stay fresh for longer

This is done by adding 1 teaspoon of vodka and 1 teaspoon of sugar to the water. Stir well to dissolve the ingredients and dip the bouquet. Sugar nourishes and vodka purifies the water of bacteria that kill the flowers.

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