Symbolic meaning of different flowers

Symbolic meaning of different flowers
Symbolic meaning of different flowers

On Palm Sunday, name day is celebrated by all people bearing the beautiful names of flowers. Each of them carries a certain symbolism, in addition to sounding lovely.

Here are the meanings of some of the most common flower names in our culture.



The rose is one of the most regal flowers in plant diversity. It symbolizes deep love, concentration, intelligence, balance, but also passion. It is not by chance that roses are given as gifts on holidays related to love and affection.

The rose is a sign of devotion and dedication to someone. People bearing this name are brave, look younger than their age, and in life do not hesitate to make decisions.



Maybe few people know, but the name Veronica comes from the veronica plant, which blooms in extremely interesting purple tones. Its flower is thin and tall, like a candle, rising above the dense and elongated leaves.

Veronica means devotion, fidelity, but also precision and accuracy. People bearing this name should be proud because it shows their responsibility towards relatives, colleagues and work.


The ancient Romans believed that giving a violet as a gift meant mourning and sympathy. They thought this flower was best suited to express sadness because of its dark purple color.

Otherwise, the meaning of the flower today carries the meaning of tranquility, peace. The violet also symbolizes sensitivity, idealism and intuitiveness.

Gergina (Dahlia)


The dahlia, or dahlia, is a beautiful flower with a wide variety of colors. Virgo symbolizes grace, tenderness and strength of spirit. Bearers of this name are creative people with many talents.


The daisy flower means happiness, positive outlook on life, sunny mood and joy and attention to the simple things in everyday life. The margarita also symbolizes harmony and he alth.


As we know, the four-leaf clover symbolizes good luck. With the Anglo-Saxon tribes of the past, the clover had a deeper meaning. For them, each of its petals meant something. The first leaf - we alth, the second pure love, the third - glory, the fourth he alth.

If you find a four-leaf clover, keep it with you forever - it will bring you good luck and he alth.



The camellia flower symbolizes passion, desire, perfectionism and excellence. It also means more longevity, faithfulness and sophistication. Bearers of this name should be very proud, because the camellia is not only a beautiful flower, but its message is more than subtle.

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