How did Kelly Osbourne lose weight?

How did Kelly Osbourne lose weight?
How did Kelly Osbourne lose weight?

In show business, there are many examples of overweight celebrities who later manage to deal with the extra pounds. They not only part with excess calories, but also change their eating habits. An example of this is Kelly Osbourne.

For many years she was accepted as Ozzy Osbourne's eccentric fluffy daughter. In the last two years, Kelly has looked stunningly good. How did you achieve this success? Physical activity is part of her daily life.

She shares that she has made three major changes to her diet. The first thing she did was start eating breakfast every morning, cut out Diet Coke, soda, and all kinds of fizzy and sugary drinks and started drinking lots of water. At night before sleep, when he feels hungry, he eats something small but he althy.


What foods are included in her meal plan?

For breakfast:

  • A glass of low-fat yogurt and a handful of black raisins
  • or two-white omelette with low-fat cheese

Breakfast before lunch:

One cucumber flavored with lemon juice

For lunch:

  • Roasted chicken with salad flavored with lemon and olive oil
  • or salad with chickpeas flavored with lemon and olive oil and a few pieces of mozzarella

Afternoon snack:

A few circles of low-fat Babybel cheese or a ball of mozzarella

For dinner:

Roast turkey or beef with salad or a side of steamed vegetables

If you feel hungry hours after dinner, eat a seasonal fruit (no banana) or a handful of almonds.

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