5 he alth benefits of laughter

5 he alth benefits of laughter
5 he alth benefits of laughter

The world survived because it laughed. And this is not an anecdotal phrase intended to promote the comedy arts. This is the very truth. Laughter has certain psycho-social functions that also have physical effects on the body, all of which are beneficial and he althy. The more and more often you laugh sincerely and from the heart, the better he alth you will enjoy. Your social contacts will improve and your self-esteem will increase.

What are the main benefits of laughter that make it an indispensable part of our existence?

Laughter has distracting benefits in dire situations

When you have experienced a difficult situation that has caused you a lot of stress, laughter is a very appropriate mechanism to get out of the negative energy of the moment.Laughter heals. Finding the humor in any situation is a great way to deal with difficult times, embarrassments, difficult situations, manage your anxiety and feel stronger in certain situations. In general, laughter and a humorous take on things in life always make challenges easier.

Laughter triggers biochemical reactions that relieve discomfort

The connection between laughter and the reactions it triggers in the body is close and inseparable. The louder and more sincere the laughter, the more endorphins and serotonin, which relieves anxiety, depression, and helps the brain cope with critical and stressful situations. Laughter can even help relieve pain.

Laughter improves he alth

Laughter increases the production of immune system cells, reduces cortisol, responsible for suppressing immunity in high doses in the long term, making immune defenses better.Laugh more often and from the heart, because this also lowers blood pressure. Antibodies against various pathogens increase. Laughter is also a natural mechanism that has an anti-carcinogenic effect. In general, laughter is he alth, and this phrase is not accidental.

Laughter is socially significant and makes you attractive

Laughter is the glue you need to join your social circle. It connects us to others and makes us part of the common. Laughter is the glue that makes us part of the group we want to belong to. Endorphins, which are released in the brain when laughing, make us feel good, which is also well received by others. Laughter is also particularly effective in building relationships, whether intimate, friendly or social.

Laughter improves mental performance and increases productivity

Laughter creates new neural connections that improve brain function, increase creativity and make logical thinking better.Memory becomes more helpful. In general, the more you laugh, the more oxygen the brain receives, which means better nourishment of its tissues and improved functions.

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