The best sleeping position

The best sleeping position
The best sleeping position

Perhaps each of us has made observations about what position he most often sleeps in On his stomach, on his back, on his side - all different positions that are favorite of many different people. However, does it really matter what position we sleep in? Turns out, yes. The following are the positions in which we most often sleep, ranked in ascending order depending on how beneficial they are to our he alth.

On stomach

Sleeping on your stomach reduces the chance of loud snoring, but neck and back pains appear sooner or later. Try to keep your head turned to one side for 15 minutes during the day and you will see that it is not painless. Now imagine what it's like to lie like that for several hours every night.It won't affect you immediately the next morning, but little by little you will start to feel discomfort.

It is best to sleep in this position on a low pillow or without one at all.

Fetal pose

This pose is most preferred by pregnant women. Snoring is reduced to a minimum, but back and lower back pain and wrinkled skin are inevitable. From the moment we come out of our mother's womb, it is not very good to sleep too hunched and curled up, because diaphragmatic breathing is hindered and more wrinkles appear on the skin of the face. Try to stand up a little, not look like a shell when viewed from above. A pillow to support the head and neck is enough.

Sleeping on your side

By choosing a side to sleep on, you prevent upper body pain, snore less, but the skin on your face wrinkles more easily and your chest relaxes more.The reasons for the last two facts are that your face is in constant contact with the pillow and the skin gets wrinkled, and your chest is relaxed on the side you sleep on. If you are in a state of pregnancy, your left side will be the better choice because it is ideal for good blood flow. With a comfortable pillow that is high enough to fill the space between your head and shoulder, your spine will be perfectly straight in at least one plane.

On your back

This is the most suitable and neutral position for sleeping. Back and neck pain and wrinkles are avoided and breasts are not allowed to sag. On the other hand, snoring is a problem, often quite serious. Science has advanced enough and there are a variety of nasal "devices" on the market that help to breathe more freely and allow the air flow to pass smoothly through the nasal cavity. The pillow should not be too high, so as not to raise the head too much, but only to support it and the neck.

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