Why is sleeping in the spoon position beneficial?

Why is sleeping in the spoon position beneficial?
Why is sleeping in the spoon position beneficial?

If you like her, it's no accident. There are many reasons for this, and many he alth and mental benefits. Sari Cooper, founder and director of The Center for Love and Sex in New York tells Men's He alth that the skin is our largest organ, and as such it needs maximum touch. The desire to be touched and to feel in contact with our loved one is expressed in the closest possible contact of our skin with his during sleep.

This is why the spoon pose is so beneficial for he alth and emotional state Man's primal desire to be loved, comforted and soothed is embodied by this pose. It allows as much of your skin as possible to touch your loved one's skin.

According to clinical psychologist Sanam Hafeez, quoted by he althdigest.com, "spooning" and cuddling trigger the release of oxytocin, which reduces stress. The less stress there is in our body, the less anxiety and restlessness plague us. Blood pressure is normalized and the load on the heart is reduced. Thus, the "spoon" pose has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

The "spoon" pose also improves sleep quality. Endorphins and oxytocin, which are released in this sleeping position with partner, reduce stress and contribute to improving sleep mechanisms, reduce insomnia and facilitate falling asleep.

This pose is also very useful for building closeness between couples. Physical closeness also improves emotional closeness. This creates intimacy on a deeper level beyond the sexual.

If you sleep this way with your partner, the communication between you will improve. Creating and maintaining deep intimacy through the spoon pose will improve your sharing skills, to express feelings, to overcome various emotional barriers.

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