4 important threads for communication in a marriage or relationship

4 important threads for communication in a marriage or relationship
4 important threads for communication in a marriage or relationship

Long-term love relationships, marriage, rarely turn out to be what we imagined them to be. Every day, partners go through situations, make decisions, discuss important and not so important issues related to children, finances, etc. But do they know how to communicate effectively and especially on issues that actually make them a couple?

When the euphoria of falling in love wears off, sooner or later routine creeps in, and it can have a negative impact on communication as well. If we lose communication, we lose our mate.

Fortunately, there are 4 important threads that if we don't drop, we can have good communication with our loved one. This is who they are.

Be honest about your desires

Think carefully about what you want from your partner. Talk more or listen more when you talk? Poor communication can leave you feeling trapped in your marriage or relationship. Therefore, it is important to be honest about communication with your loved one. Very often it turns out that women who complain that their men do not want to talk to them, especially in important moments, actually need them to hear them, to listen to them.


Embrace your differences

When we talk about communication in a marriage or relationship, we must keep in mind that men and women not only have different styles, but also different needs. Ladies generally crave empathy, while men seek respect from their mates. Their communication styles reflect these differences. For women, maintaining eye contact is essential during a conversation. Men, on the other hand, feel comfortable talking while doing something else, and face-to-face conversation can sometimes be taxing.For communication to be effective, it is important that partners embrace their differences, but also respect the other during a conversation, focusing solely on him.

Listen with intent to understand

What hinders the communication of some couples is the reluctance to understand the process called listening. Thus, they leave out important information about the other that can enhance the intimacy of the relationship. In difficult moments, when one partner needs to be heard, all they need is for their loved one to listen compassionately, to listen without judgment.

Ask yourself open questions

“Are you okay?”… You will probably get a positive or negative answer. You can follow up with questions to open up a discussion, especially if you see that your partner is worried.

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