What are trans fats and why are they so harmful to our he alth?

What are trans fats and why are they so harmful to our he alth?
What are trans fats and why are they so harmful to our he alth?

When it comes to he althy eating, we all think we know the basics – we need to drink enough water, eat foods that are organic, avoid carbohydrates that cause blood sugar spikes, and to consume good fats. But what are the "good fats"? You will find them in foods of animal origin - meat and dairy products (butter, whipped cream, cheese, yellow cheese). Plant products that contain valuable nutrients are: coconut oil, cocoa butter; in olive oil, nuts, etc. Here we must not miss the important omega-3 and omega-6 - as the basic rule is that they must be taken in a certain ratio. A very common mistake is that when talking about a "diet" or a certain eating regime, most people tend to immediately exclude fat in the first place.This can cause irreversible he alth problems, as they play a key role in metabolism and are responsible for regulating hormones as well as other vital body functions. However, when we read about fat, we will also come across the term "trans fat". Who are they and why are they considered harmful?

What are trans fats?

In the beginning, they were "invented" to reduce the cost of candles, which were made from animal fat. That is why "artificial fats" are "made" chemically. After that, they began to be used in the food industry. Undoubtedly, they are the most harmful to the human body, since they are initially obtained chemically - by hydrogenation (a process in which liquid vegetable oils are heated to a high temperature, in the presence of catalysts and hydrogen). Of course, this is done by the industry, the goal being to increase the durability of the products that contain them.

Which products contain trans fats?

You will find this type of fat in all products that are on the store shelves - biscuits, waffles, chips, dry pastas, as well as in hamburgers, donuts, etc. Semi-finished products also abound with them.

What are the harms of consuming them?

There is evidence that they can seriously affect the he alth of the cardiovascular system, clogging blood vessels and permanently increasing blood pressure. Studies show that trans fats can even cause type 2 diabetes. They raise LDL cholesterol (the "bad" cholesterol) while lowering the "good" (HDL) cholesterol.


According to experts, trans fats are at the root of the global obesity "epidemic" - both among adults and children. "Fast food" - semi-finished products, etc.so-called "junk food" can lead to a number of diseases, both of the cardiovascular system, and those related to the metabolism and disturbances in the activity of hormones (hence the excess weight).

How to avoid trans fat consumption?

Pay attention to labels. Maybe it seems crazy and you probably don't have time for it, but think about the he alth of your children and loved ones the next time you buy foods that contain them. Marketers usually list them as "vegetable fats" - if you see such a label, it is almost certain that this product contains trans fats. Other variants of their spelling are: "hydrogenated fats", "hydrogenated vegetable oil", as well as "partially hydrogenated oil".

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