Culinary mistakes that spoil food

Culinary mistakes that spoil food
Culinary mistakes that spoil food

In our daily life, we are constantly in a hurry. One of the things we rush through is cooking. Not everyone has enough time to prepare their meals in their busy daily life. In other cases, we make culinary mistakes out of ignorance that spoil the texture and quality of the food. has compiled some common cooking mistakes that you should avoid to ensure your food is always on point.

You defrost the meat at room temperature

When you have frozen meat, you probably can't wait for it to thaw. Therefore, you either leave it at room temperature and go to work, or you thaw it under running or warm water. All these methods are wrong.

Leaving meat at room temperature is particularly dangerous, because in this way it can sit too long, and this creates conditions for the development of dangerous bacteria in it. It is preferable to thaw it in the refrigerator at plus temperature. This will keep it fresh and protect it from dangerous microorganisms until it's time to cook.

Rinse vegetables and fruits with water only

One of the common mistakes is to simply rinse the fruits and vegetables under running water. This is not enough. It is necessary to rub them well between your hands to remove dirt and soil residues on them.

You marinate the meat for more than 12 hours

Some housewives believe that long marinating is better because the meat "relaxes" and tastes better. This is a misconception that runs the risk of saturating raw meat with bacteria. Also, marinating too long can make the meat too "rubbery" rather than tender, as after 12 hours other processes begin to take place.

You put the garlic in the pan before the onion

In many recipes, onions and garlic are combined, which are fried before all other products. If you have a similar recipe that contains onion and garlic in combination, put the onion in first. It takes longer to soften and stew. If you put the garlic in first, it will burn quickly.

Knead the dough too long

It is not true that the more you knead the dough, the fluffier it will become. Every dough and every flour has its specifics. Kneading for too long makes it stiffer and less stretchy than you would like, because in this way the time period in which the gluten is most active, that is, the dough is most elastic, is transferred.

Bake or fry the meat as soon as you season it

S alt is a mandatory seasoning for meat along with all the others. However, s alt dehydrates the meat by accelerating the release of juices from it. Therefore, do not rush to put it in the pan or oven immediately after s alting, because this will cause it to boil in its own sauces instead of baking or frying.

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