15 is a sign that there is an evil person in your life

15 is a sign that there is an evil person in your life
15 is a sign that there is an evil person in your life

Evil is hard to define. When it comes to man, evil can have many faces and dimensions. Most often we find it in the actions of people. We sense their bad intentions. We sense their negative energy. Wickedness can manifest itself in immoral acts or behavior, with a desire to control and manipulate.

Evil people are all around us. They can be part of our circle of friends, from the family, from the professional sphere in which we work, they can even be our intimate partners. Evil is not always apparent from the beginning. Sometimes it is masked behind words and actions that at first glance we cannot perceive as bad.This is also the most insidious – living near a bad person can affect our own energy, happiness, success and prosperity.

Bad people can have many shades. They can combine narcissism, psychopathy, selfishness. Their actions are motivated primarily by self-interest.

What are the signs that you have a bad person in your life?

1. He enjoys the misfortune of others. He always finds a way to note when someone is suffering or having bad luck.

2. He has control issues.

3. He is unimaginably dishonest every time and about everything in his life.

4. You feel strange in his company. You are experiencing inner restlessness.

5. He constantly deceives you, even about trivial things.

6. He has no remorse for anything, even when he is visibly at fault.

7. He is rude and cruel.

8. He never takes responsibility for anything. It's always others' fault.

9. His loved ones warn you somehow.

10. He is a bad friend, even to those closest to him.

11. He has expressed narcissistic, homophobic, racist or other extreme beliefs and is not afraid to name them out loud.

12. He is manipulative and you feel it. If you didn't feel it until a while, now you've started to notice his manipulative methods, it's a sign that there is an evil person with ulterior motives in your life.

13. He makes you feel unimportant and worthless in all kinds of ways.

14. He confuses you. Conflicts occur on all occasions.

15. He leads a double life. You're never sure when he's telling you the truth and when he's not. You always get the feeling he's hiding something.

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