6 ways to deal with insults

6 ways to deal with insults
6 ways to deal with insults

In society, it is sometimes difficult to protect oneself from insults and attacks. Encountering abusive behavior that aims to humiliate, disarm, or lower your self-esteem is inevitable. There are people all around us who seek to hurt us in some way and hurtful words and actions are the easiest way for them to succeed.

Instead of giving in to insults and letting them affect you, check out some clever and wise ways to fend them off with ease.

Say thank you

With this unexpected reaction, you will surprise the person who attacks and insults you. You'll parry him and he won't know how to react. The most expected reaction is to reciprocate, but when you thank with irony, it will confuse and disarm him.

Stay Calm and Grumpy

To deflect the insult, you can easily keep calm and cool, but also add a biting comment. Hold your temper even if you want to scream and fight back appropriately. An unexpected biting and snarky comment from your side will soften the tone of the person against you who is trying to insult and hurt you.

You may accept some criticism that you consider valid

The person against you who criticizes or insults you may not necessarily have bad intentions, but may just want to point out your weaknesses, let you know your shortcomings. Before you react, think about what advice you can keep to yourself and learn from it. Skip the rest.

React with a sense of humor

If someone tries to insult you, respond with a sense of humor, irony, laughter. This approach disarms the opponent and shows how unimportant the mean comment really is and how it can in no way hurt you.

Change the subject abruptly

When someone tries to insult you or directly says something against you, change the subject abruptly. Ignore him and show him that you don't care at all what he thinks and says about you. You will leave the person feeling like they are in an unharvested vineyard.

Clearly declare the offense

When you tell the person directly to their face that they are offending you, they may instinctively start justifying themselves and explaining their words, clarifying what they meant and so on. In this way, you disarm him and make his words devoid of meaning and weight.

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