5 tricks that will help us take care of ourselves

5 tricks that will help us take care of ourselves
5 tricks that will help us take care of ourselves

In the hectic everyday life, full of tasks and commitments, taking care of ourselves often comes last. At the end of the working day, the only thing that makes us happy is to be alone for a moment, with… phone in hand. But surfing the web is hardly the best we can do. And so - day after day. Until suddenly we feel the so-called "burnout". What can we do, not just to mitigate the effects of this moment, but to prevent it from happening at all?

We offer you some tricks that will help you take better care of yourself. Here they are:

Choose a day of the week to dedicate to yourself

Reading this, your first thought is probably, "No way."But you know the old maxim, "When there's a will, there's a way." Do you really have no time for yourself? Or you prefer to hide behind excuses. You probably think that taking care of yourself is a form of selfishness? Replace: "I don't have time for myself" with "Taking care of myself is not selfishness".

If you don't have a whole day, then steal an hour. sixty minutes to do something you love ALONE. Not with the kids or the man around you. Just you and your hobby. Remember what kind of music you used to like, what were your favorite comedy series. Get out and walk around - without a goal or direction, just like that. If you take more time for yourself, you will be more fulfilled both in the workplace and in the family environment. Family is happy when mom is happy, right?

Clean up and dispose of junk

Often times during the day we don't have time to clean thoroughly and we start putting away our belongings indiscriminately.But what happens? At the end of the week, we have piles of things, and arranging them in their places will take away the joy of the weekend… To prevent this from happening - spend 20 minutes a day to clean, and at the same time, sort things that are to be thrown away. Don't wait for the end of the season or the end of the year. Declutter a little at a time – every day. Research proves that people who live in disorder more often suffer from stress and lack of self-control. Order in the home, in the wardrobe, in your handbag will also bring order to your mind and thoughts. Want to get your life in order? Start from the wardrobe!

Finish taking cold water shower

After taking your usual shower, run cold water on yourself for 30 seconds. You'll instantly get a huge burst of energy as your body tries to conserve heat, thus kicking your circulation into 'high gear'.

Make a diary of the good things of the day

Take a simple notebook and a pen, put them next to your bed. At night before going to bed, write down the good things of the day that made you smile - a call from an old friend; "Thank you" from the nice upstairs neighbor. That way, you'll focus on the good things in life.

Be in nature

Recent studies by Japanese scientists have proven the link between the urban environment and stress. The angular shapes and gray color of the big city create conditions for anxiety and sleep problems. There are no right angles in nature - that's why we subconsciously associate vacation with a place outdoors, in nature - be it the sea or the mountains. Make time and try to spend more time outside, no matter the season. This will lower your stress hormones and help you be he althier and more productive at work and at home.

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