How to make your morning coffee he althier

How to make your morning coffee he althier
How to make your morning coffee he althier

Coffee can become harmful if we overdo the amounts we ingest. The way we drink it also makes a difference in whether we absorb the beneficial antioxidants in it or just fill our bodies with added calories from the cream, milk, sweeteners and sugar we add.

With some useful practices and changes in your morning coffee ritual, you will make your favorite black drink he althier than ever.

Drink a glass of water before

It is recommended that it be lukewarm or warm. You can also add some lemon to it. A glass of water before coffee unlocks a special adjustment of the body to the intake of caffeine, which has a dehydrating effect.By filling your body with a little water before coffee, you make it he althier.

Don't use artificial sweeteners

They are much sweeter than sugar and actually raise blood glucose levels much more than regular sugar. They increase the risk of diabetes because they also exhaust the pancreas, causing it to secrete large amounts of insulin.

Reduce added sugar

It is good to stop adding sugar altogether. But if this is too impossible for you, reduce its application to a minimum - up to ½ teaspoon.

Use vegetable creams

If you prefer your coffee with cream, let it be plant-based. Animal fats increase cholesterol and can cause inflammatory processes in the body.

Add cinnamon

We are used to thinking that cinnamon is only added to cappuccino. You can also sprinkle your plain espresso with a little cinnamon.It is an incredibly powerful antioxidant that suppresses inflammation, fights free radicals, regulates blood sugar and insulin levels, and has strong anti-cancer properties.

Drink your coffee 30 minutes after getting up

Give your stomach and digestive tract a chance to produce enough digestive juices to process the ingested coffee and breakfast. Don't reach for that cup of coffee on an empty stomach, as the compounds in it can irritate your stomach.

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