What can happen to your skin if you stop drinking coffee?

What can happen to your skin if you stop drinking coffee?
What can happen to your skin if you stop drinking coffee?

Caffeine is known for its skin benefits. It is an antioxidant that is used in a number of cosmetic and cleaning products because of its beneficial properties for the skin. Excessive drinking of coffee, however, has its negative effects on the body, which is why many people limit its consumption or exclude it. What could happen to your skin if you decide to stop drinking coffee?

You may get more blackheads and worse acne

Coffee is very rich in antioxidants, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the skin. Regular consumption of coffee has a good effect on the skin because it reduces inflammation in it.If you stop drinking coffee, your acne may become more inflamed or more blackheads may appear.

It may be harder for you to fight cellulite

Again, thanks to the antioxidants in its composition, caffeine is a very good friend in the fight against unpleasant orange skin. Caffeine also has the ability to dilate the shallow blood vessels under the skin, which improves blood circulation and contributes to the elimination of cellulite.

You may get more freckles

A cup of coffee a day can help protect you from the sun's harmful rays. The skin ages due to the effects of UV rays, and trace elements in coffee, such as chlorogenic acids, can help slow down aging and act against the formation of age spots.

You may get more pronounced dark circles around the eyes

Caffeine and antioxidants in it also affect this delicate area of ​​the skin around the eyes.They stimulate blood circulation there, thus contributing to the easier dispersal of dark circles. If you stop drinking coffee, you may find it harder to fight them.

Your skin may age faster

The influence of antioxidants on the skin is huge. They slow down aging and fight inflammation in the body and skin. A study published in the National Library of Medicine, cited by Bright Side found that women who drink more coffee have fewer pigment spots on their skin, which are also a sign of premature aging.

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