What happens in your body when you cut carbs?

What happens in your body when you cut carbs?
What happens in your body when you cut carbs?

We know that our menu should be balanced and provide us with proteins, fats and carbohydrates. What type carbs make up yours? Do waffles, patties, sodas, cookies, burgers, etc. predominate? And do you know what happens in your body when you reduce their consumption to a minimum? Here are some positive changes that are happening.

And here you can also see some he althy sources of carbohydrates that you can also include in your diet.

Lose weight

With reduced carbohydrate consumption, excess fat loss occurs faster. This is a good side effect, especially if you want to lose excess weight. Carbohydrates are the first nutrient your body breaks down for energy after a meal.

When it has acquired the necessary reserves, the residual sugar that is superfluous to it accumulates in the form of fat. So, when you consume more than the required amount of carbohydrates before your body has used up the ones already stored, you start to gain weight. On the other hand, their reduced consumption leads to burning calories

Blood sugar levels stabilize

Consumption of foods high in sugar, as well as pasta, causes blood sugar and insulin to rise. This affects our energy, we start to feel more sluggish, tired. The function of the pancreas is disrupted, which begins to overproduce insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. All of these can contribute to excess weight gain and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Regulating cholesterol values

Reduced carbohydrate consumption can also have a positive effect on your cholesterol, especially if you maintain high LDL (bad) cholesterol. Which foods help increase good cholesterol, see here.

Less excess fluids in the body

Pasta snacks, sweets, sugary drinks, white bread… All of them can cause excess fluid retention and make us feel bloated.

On the other hand, reducing their consumption or excluding them from our menu helps the body get rid of water weight and retain less excess fluids.

Skin appearance improves

Harmful carbohydrates cause a number of inflammations in the body. The skin always shows us when we are not eating he althy. It becomes more sluggish, secretes excess sebum, pimples appear. When you reduce your intake of carbohydrates with low nutritional value, it improves your appearance significantly.

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