What happens in the body when you go to work sick?

What happens in the body when you go to work sick?
What happens in the body when you go to work sick?

In the season of viruses, colds and flu, few people manage to protect themselves from infections. Most of us get at least one cold a season. The big question when you feel yourself starting to sniffle and have a sore throat is whether to go to work. The short answer is no. In any case, it's best to stay home when you feel sick, because things can get complicated if you don't give your body time to rest.

Since there is no universal cure or vaccine for viral infections and colds, the body needs quality rest time for the immune system to deal with the infection. It usually lasts between 7 and 10 days.

What happens in the body if you decide to go to work sick?

Healing slows down

When the immune system is attacked by a virus, the body needs rest and more sleep to deal with the infection faster. It is no accident that our grandmothers tell us to lie in bed and rest when we are sick. The body really needs this rest in order not to waste resources and energy for other daily commitments, especially work.

Sleep is a vital part of the body's healing processes, including recovery from viral and respiratory infections. Drinking fluids in parallel with rest shortens the healing process.

You are less productive

If you go to work sick, you will neither get better faster nor be able to do your job well enough. A runny nose, cough, high fever and all accompanying symptoms will prevent you from concentrating and fulfilling your commitments in the best possible way.You will feel off, unfocused, unfocused, tired, like your brain has blocked. It is also possible to make mistakes that, depending on the specifics of the work, can be serious or dangerous.

You're spreading germs

One no less unpleasant fact is that when you go to work sick, you also infect your colleagues. This is one of the most common mistakes we make when we are sick. Sometimes we can't afford the "luxury" of being away from work because there's no one to fill in for us, because we're chasing deadlines, or for some other reason. But from a he alth point of view, neglecting the healing processes of the body can disable us for an even longer time, and it can also make other people sick, which slows down the work of the company or company even more.

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