Cunning uses of coffee filters

Cunning uses of coffee filters
Cunning uses of coffee filters

There are so many ways to prepare your favorite coffee, but there are also incredibly clever and surprising uses for the filters you use to prepare your black drink. They can turn out to be your new best friend and. Here's how.

Instead of cup drying cloth

Water stains on the counter or table are terrible and ruin your kitchen furniture. Coffee filters come in handy if you don't have coasters. Serve your guests' drinks on pre-cut coffee filter cups. This will protect your furniture. Coffee filters are thick and dense enough to prevent liquid from leaking onto the table.You can also use the filters when drying washed glasses instead of placing them on a cloth.

To control bad odors

Pour a few spoonfuls of baking soda into a coffee filter and press it so that the contents do not spill out. You get a great home deodorizer to eliminate bad odors anywhere in the home.

To clean steel

Coffee filters are a great cleaning tool. With their help, you can clean and polish any stainless steel surface, even the grill.

To remove screen dust

A lot of dust quickly collects on the screens of TVs and electronic devices. Coffee filters come to the rescue in safely removing dust from them without damaging delicate surfaces.

To clean glasses

Try using a coffee filter to clean your glasses instead of a cloth. You will make sure that no stains and smudged areas remain.

To cover food in the microwave

If you don't have a plastic microwave safety cover that prevents, you can use the paper filters. They are microwave safe and also thick enough to protect the microwave from food splashes.

For filtering cork crumbs

Bottles of wine often get cork crumbs from the corks. You can easily filter them by pouring the contents of the bottle into another container through a coffee filter.

To prevent soil from leaking out of pots

When you transplant your flowers, some of the soil probably flows through the holes of the new pots. The same thing happens with old pots that you move from one place to another. To prevent this problem, place a coffee filter at the bottom of each pot, then the soil with the plant.

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