Simple tricks for fast body detox

Simple tricks for fast body detox
Simple tricks for fast body detox

We often talk about the power of detox regimens to help us strengthen our he alth, feel stronger and more energetic, and look good. But we do not always have the opportunity and desire to observe long periods with restrictions in order to achieve a detox effect. Therefore, there are also easy tricks that help to cleanse the body little by little, but regularly. Here are three of them.

Start the day with a glass of warm water

For an even better cleansing effect, you can also squeeze a lemon into the water. One of the most effective detox methods is hydration. Without water, our body cannot survive and cells cannot function. Mornings that we start with a glass of water give the body the opportunity to recover after the long night break without hydration, and lemon juice has a beneficial effect on the digestive system and helps to eliminate toxins.

Afternoon tea instead of coffee


Herbal teas are a wonderful way to get antioxidants that strengthen our he alth. They stimulate the immune system, hydrate the body and satiate us so that we don't think about harmful foods in the afternoon break at the office. Tea can keep us from overindulging in food and especially the sweet things that the brain thinks of in moments of fatigue.

Exfoliate your skin regularly

Skin exfoliation as well as oil massages help flush out toxins from the skin and improve blood circulation. By frequently exfoliating the skin, we not only detoxify the body, but also refresh the skin, which becomes more radiant and smooth.

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