How to improve vitamin D absorption

How to improve vitamin D absorption
How to improve vitamin D absorption

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins for our he alth. We get it in small quantities through food, exposure to sunlight, we help the body synthesize it or we take it in the form of nutritional supplements. Vitamin D acts in our body as a steroid hormone. Taking it in the form of dietary supplements is always important to discuss with a doctor.

How can we improve its absorption?

Should we take the supplement with food?

Yes, vitamin D, like vitamins E, K, A, is fat-soluble. This means that our body will more easily absorb it if it is taken with food (maybe after a meal), and it is even better if this food is rich in he althy fats.This is how we get the most benefit from the vitamin, experts believe. Good sources of fat are nuts, tahini, fish, seafood, lighter meats, avocados, olives, olive oil, eggs, dairy products, and more. You can see which foods are rich in the vitamin here.

What time of day should the supplement be taken?

As mentioned, it is important to take the sunshine vitamin with food rich in fat. Usually, our menu is richer in he althy fats in the morning and at lunch. Of course, you can always ask your doctor if he would recommend anything other than taking the vitamin until lunchtime.

Good digestive system function

Maintaining a he althy digestive system is essential for the absorption of nutrients from food or supplements. That is why it is important that our menu is rich in he althy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, foods containing fiber. It is also important not to overeat, as this overloads the digestive system, to exercise regularly as this keeps our intestines he althy and well regulated, to drink enough water.

Keeping your liver and kidneys he althy will also help better absorb vitamin D

The liver and kidneys are important organs that are also involved in vitamin absorption, so keeping these organs he althy will help you absorb vitamin D. How can you improve their function?

Maintain a he althy weight and blood sugar levels and blood pressure, be careful with the consumption of s alty foods, alcohol, stop smoking if possible, exercise regularly and reduce the consumption of sugar products, sausages.

Control stress

It is important to learn how to relieve stress because it negatively affects our he alth, including the absorption of vitamins and minerals. When we are anxious and stressed, our body releases hormones that affect the gut. The fact is that vitamin D is absorbed in the intestines, and therefore their he alth plays an important role in its absorption.Therefore, it is essential to manage stress and keep our gut he althy by including probiotic-rich foods in our diet.

Caution! This article is for informational purposes only. Always consult a doctor before taking supplements!

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