Is it dangerous to eat bananas if you have diabetes?

Is it dangerous to eat bananas if you have diabetes?
Is it dangerous to eat bananas if you have diabetes?

Diabetes is an insidious disease where blood sugar control is difficult. Because of this, diabetics and those suffering from diabetes-related conditions such as insulin resistance avoid fruit in an attempt to limit carbohydrates.

Bananas are one of the sugariest and sweetest fruits, containing a large amount of carbohydrates. It is for this reason that diabetics and those suffering from insulin resistance fear them, eliminate them from their diet and deprive themselves of their extraordinary he alth benefits.

Maybe you too think that bananas are a fruit you should avoid eating when you have diabetes because you are trying to control your blood sugar.In fact, you don't have to ignore them. Fruits are useful for everyone, including diabetics, and their complete exclusion from the diet is not necessary. It is only important how exactly to consume them so as not to cause spikes in blood sugar.

What are the best ways to eat bananas if you have diabetes or insulin resistance?

Add bananas to other dishes

There is one very important rule that diabetics and those suffering from insulin resistance should follow when eating fruits, including bananas. And it is that fruits should be combined with other foods, especially fats and proteins.

Eating fruit with fat and protein at the same time significantly slows down the spike in blood sugar. Never eat fruit on an empty stomach. In this way, the blood sugar values ​​jump suddenly and very high. Combining them with other foods will prevent this danger. Yogurt, for example, is very rich in protein.Consume it along with banana. You can also add a little peanut butter. It is saturated with he althy fats and slows down the absorption of sugars even more.

Eat half a banana

Quantity matters. The more bananas you eat, the more your blood sugar will spike. A whole, well-ripened banana is loaded with lots of sugars and carbohydrates. If you control your portions, your blood sugar will stay stable. Eat half a banana and save the rest for later.

Choose harder and unripe bananas

The riper the bananas are, the richer they are in sugars. If they are unripe, their sugar content is less. In this way, you will control the consumption of sugars, but you will not deprive yourself of the vitamins, minerals and fiber in the banana, since they do not depend on the degree of ripeness, but are contained in it at the beginning.

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