4 types of fat for weight loss

4 types of fat for weight loss
4 types of fat for weight loss

Many weight loss diets offer a reduction in. Fats are often blamed for being overweight. However, there are different types and structures of fats, some of which can be called dietary because they are useful and essential for building cells and processes in cellular metabolism. Without it, our body would lose important components of its he alth, which would prevent not only losing weight, but also maintaining a normal he althy rhythm.

The useful, blood vessels, nervous system, brain. They are an indispensable part of metabolism and proper cell division. Fat restriction should not fall below 20% of the total daily intake, nutritionists advise.According to the site livestrong.com, fats should occupy between 20 and 35% of the menu for the day, carbohydrates about 65%, and proteins should be between 10 and 35%, depending on the individual characteristics of metabolism, he alth status and physical activity.

What are some of the most he althy fats that should be in your daily menu?


Avocado contains some of the most beneficial fats. It is also rich in fiber, which makes the absorption of food easier for the digestive system. One serving of avocado (about 1/3 of the fruit) contains approximately 9 grams of he althy fat and 4.5 grams of fiber. This is an absolutely he althy combination to consume often. You can add avocado to any meal in a variety of ways – to sandwiches, salads, appetizers, sauces and side dishes.


Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids. They are great for your waistline as well as improving cardiovascular he alth.These fats help improve leptin resistance, which improves the lipid profile in overweight people. This is according to data from a 2015 study published in Today's Dietitian.

People who are overweight usually also suffer from chronic tissue inflammation. Regular consumption of salmon and omega-3 fatty acids reduces this inflammation, reducing the risk of a number of chronic diseases.


Walnuts are a source of he althy fats. All tree nuts, such as walnuts, are beneficial, according to the Mayo Clinic. Eating walnuts every day contributes to a he althy heart, a slim waistline, normal cholesterol levels, and a reduction in inflammation associated with chronic and degenerative diseases.

Walnuts also contain omega-3 fatty acids. This makes them one of the most beneficial nuts to balance hunger hormones and suppress binge eating.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most beneficial liquid fats. Cold-pressed olive oil extracted from fresh olives is a way to lose weight, control and maintain your weight and enjoy a he althy heart. Various studies devoted to the benefits of olive oil prove its fantastic characteristics and effects on the body. A diet rich in olive oil leads to greater weight loss than any other diet that excludes fat, especially liquid fat.

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